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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bicep Workout - "The Peak Seeker"

Here we have my favourite bicep workout, performed correctly, it is very challenging, fast and also highly effective.

Whenever anybody is asked to 'flex' the immediate reaction is to expose that tennis ball you have hiding under your sleeve, it's the most popular individual muscle to train on the body and also the least understood.

When educating my clients about this muscle I will always put it into perspective. Believe it or not the bicep is actually made up of two heads, hence the "bi", one being the biceps brachii inner head and biceps brachii outer head. It is also adjoined with the triceps, which are actually over double its size!

The biceps are a pleasure to train, and when trained correctly will respond with eye catching results within a very short amount of time. Number one rule when training this muscle group is "isolation". Far too often you will see people attempting to train their "guns" without actually realising they are recruiting many other surrounding muscles like the forearms, triceps, deltoids and even their lats!

This workout is broken down into 3 exercises, performed immediately after each other for 3-6 sets in total.

The three exercises include:
1. Standing (pre-exhaustion) dumbbell curls
2. Incline (isolation) dumbbell preachers
3. Seated (contraction) barbell curls

Anybody can experience the benefits of gaining muscle, and it doesn't take 2-3 hours in a gym every day like some people may think. At the end of the day your body is a system put together to perform many complex tasks, if it's treated correctly from the inside out and given the appropriate duties to carry out it will respond with amazing gains especially during weight training.

This workout is proven both on myself and my clients, its fast and most of all effective on 'shocking' your biceps into growth!

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